Accept the need for change!

Once you are ready to make a change, you are ready to be out with the old and in with the new.


Take Action!

Call - Email - Text 

Schedule your review. 

A free 15-30 minute "face-to-face" video call to see if we are a match and learn the dilemma.  

Note: depending on project, an in person meeting may be scheduled.


Understand of the Basics!

Know the process - Simplify & Stimulate!

During the review, we will explain our process that includes;

decluttering, organizing, rearranging, simplifying, clearing and coordinating.  


Receive a Quote!

Synchronize My Space will provide a detailed quote estimating the hours expected to synchronize your space.


Schedule Your Synchronization!

Once connected, align calendar dates and take action - put it on the calendar.


Pay Your Deposit!

A non-refundable deposit of $125 is due at time of signing.  An additional 50% deposit is due 7-days prior to service date.  all monies are due at conclusion of service along with any pre-approved additional expenses.  If an extended session is required, 50% of the estimated time of work will be required.


Agree to Terms & Conditions!

Agree to "Terms & Conditions" by clicking the button below.  A simplified contract of service between us and you.


Confirm Service!

7-days prior to service date, confirm your service and pay your 50% deposit. 


24-Hour Countdown!

Prepare for organizing!

Get a good night sleep, for strength and mindful purging abilities.

Eat light and drink lots of water, 


Synchronize Day!

Mediate for 20-minutes, to clear your mind and State our affirmation.





" I open my mind to release that which no longer serves me in order to synchronize my space."

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